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Here's what Kathleen has to say about our kickboxing classes:

"Amanda and Jess are awesome coaches who help me grind through some tough kickboxing workouts. No matter how tired I feel going into class, I always leave feeling confident and motivated!"



Here's what Cortney has to say about working with Amanda:

'You will not find a more invested coach and friend—someone who caters to and accommodates each person individually. She is truly passionate about what she does, and it shows through her work and dedication. I look forward to every session and have been attending for over 4 years now. I am proud of the goals I have achieved, both mentally and physically, and I thank Amanda for her encouragement and knowledge."

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Here's what Mallory has to say about kickboxing classes:

"I've been going to Amanda's women's only kick boxing class for about 6 months now and I LOVE it. When I went in there for the first time I was nervous, this was the first time I was ever stepping into a gym/studio or taking a class of any sort, I didn't know what to expect but almost immediately the anxiety left and I felt comfortable. Amanda is an amazing coach and human. She's a huge part of the reason I stuck with it. Aside from the great workout and stress relief I feel after class, Amanda is inspiring/encouraging in the best badass kind of way. The workouts are great, the classes are fun, and it's so nice to be in a room full of women cheering each other on. Highly recommend checking it out! Oh and as an added bonus, if you love dogs, she brings hers so you get super happy greetings and kisses (if you want)!"

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