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(Click on their names; they are real people!)


Before I started with Amanda I was working crazy hours and never making time for myself. I joined KickBasic kickboxing to make a change to my lifestyle. I had many unsuccessful previous attempts at weight loss. Now that I work with Amanda I have seen many changes in myself. I feel more energized, more confident and now I’m out searching for more activities in my life. Amanda has not only helped me physically, pushing me to do things that I would never have tried on my own; but mentally as well, allowing me a safe and comfortable place to push myself towards my goals.


Before I started with Amanda, I had zero motivation and zero love for myself. Now that I’m working with Amanda, I have gained a new confidence in myself. I have learned to love myself and Amanda motivates me to do the best I can do. She pushes me to my limits. Anyone who works with her will love the results they achieve mentally and physically. With Amanda, it's not just about the physical difference; she also focuses on the mental benefits and being positive. Great vibes all around! :)


Before I started with Amanda, I was lazy and unmotivated. I hated any kind of exercise and was embarrassed to workout in from of other people because of my size. 

Now that I work with Amanda, I feel much more confident with myself. I have more energy and look forward to exercising. Every day I am thinking of new ways to push myself. I can't what to see what else Amanda can help me accomplish.


Before I started with Amanda I was wasting my money regarding everything weight loss! I tried everything you can think of, had many coaches and went to many classes. Some of the coaches used to tell me how incompetent I am and how I couldn’t be helped. Until I found Amanda!
Now I work with Amanda, and I don’t have enough space to write about her! She’s super kind-hearted, she never gives up on me, motivates me and she is there for moral support! Any accomplishment - big or small - she celebrates it with you! She has faith in you and never gives up! She’s the true definition of a fitness coach!


Now that I work with Amanda, I look forward to class and I'm making changes in my everyday life. The support that I have received and interest in my life is outstanding, not only my physical health but in the way that Amanda realizes that there are outside forces that contribute to your physical health path. Never do I feel shame if I miss a class or have a cheat day because she knows we are all human and it has to happen or else we will crave that bad behaviour even more or become shamed and just disappear. It's a family of support through it all. I get to laugh through classes (while Amanda catches me with the camera) and circuits to chat with people new and veterans of the class, everyone helping each other get to a good, happy and healthy place. I am very thankful to Amanda and the KickBasics Health Studio, for giving me a place to be me and to become a better me.



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